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Frequently Asked Car Insurance Questions

How much car insurance do I need?
Almost all states require a driver to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance and also provide proof of car insurance to register a vehicle or renew your driver’s license. In the case of an accident, the minimum liability car insurance required by the state may not be enough coverage to pay for the damages that result after an accident. In this case, the driver responsible for the accident may have to pay additional expenses out of pocket. To determine how much car insurance you need, consider:

  • The value of your assets
  • How and when you drive
  • What you drive
  • Who is in the car with you
How much car insurance does my state require?
To ensure everyone on the road is covered in case of an accident, most states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability car insurance, or establish financial responsibility in some other way. Drivers must also have the ability to provide proof of car insurance to register or renew a driver’s license. This is the case for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. You may want to consult with your Auto Insurance Companion agent by calling (855) 974-6215 and visit to learn about your state’s unique requirements.
How can I compare car insurance quotes?
Looking for car insurance quotes can be confusing. When you get an car insurance quote from auto insurance companion, we will guide you every step of the way to help you choose the amount of car insurance that you determine to best fit your needs. Auto Insurance Companion can also compare rates with other top companies in just minutes to see who is offering the best price.
How do car insurance companies assess my risk?
Insurance companies assess your risk by using a risk assessment indicator, which is a numerical score based on credit report information. These risk assessment indicators are highly predictive of future claim activities, helping car insurance companies charge a rate that is appropriate for the risk of the insured individual.
How do I find the best car insurance for me?
Deciding on an insurance policy can seem overwhelming. It is important to choose an agent you trust who can help match you with just the right insurance coverage for you and your vehicle. When getting a car insurance quote from Auto Insurance Companion, a car insurance agent will help you every step of the way to choose a car insurance policy that makes sense for you.

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